Note: This is a captured shot of Eve McEvil

These are the Evilest, Craziest and nastiest villans around. The Villans of Our World

Mr. ButtcheekEdit

This villan is not evil or crazy. Just boring. Hes the landlawyer of the house.

Jason from MexicoEdit

This is the first Villan Encounter Kipper and Fluffy ever faced. And he was DANGEROUS!


This Villan is the Second Encounter. When you meet him he seems like a normal museum owner. But he is MUCH more. Much more EVIL that is.

Eve McEvilEdit

This Villan is the villan from the Skyfluffy series. So that means hes the most crazy (See top left)


This villan is the oppisit of Sara. ANd she comes from the oppisit planet. The EVIL PLANET.

Mittens and the GangEdit

This is the enime of Talkie. Dont let the cuteness fool you